Place: Albion, Idaho

Albion, Idaho, a small 2 restaurant town just south of Burley, is the gateway to the Pomerelle Mountain ski area. Mule deer hunting is good to the east of the valley in the sagebrushed breaks, but receives quite a bit of pressure. Pomerelle sports an elk herd, but is relatively small.

Gotta love the rocket ship water tower.

Albion sits in a high valley that likes to catch snow, and is known for catching cloud bursts in the Spring. Green fields and pastures attract game, as does the elk farm that's located just south of town. Mule deer hide in the tall sagebrush east of town, but where the private land turns to public, the pressure is high during season. This picture is taken just west of the town, looking south and west toward Pomerelle Mountain.

The biblical story is that Hagar was wandering out in the desert, where the Lord provided her with refreshing... Coke? Interesting name for a store.

~ J. Bunch

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