2 Headed Trout in SE Idaho - Simplot Selenium Pollution

Trout deformities have been popping up in SE Idaho creeks that sit underneath Simplot's Smoky Canyon Phosphate Mine.  There would appear to be a connection to selenium pollution.

Simplot's goal of maintaining no more that 22 parts per million of selenium in creek water is often exceeded, according to an independent environmental report, and the two-headed trout is the most eye-popping of the deformities.

Naturally, Simplot officials aren't taking any responsibility, but they are stating that they will be working closely with the State of Idaho and the feds in regard to pollution.  In other words, they give stock, corporate, politically-correct answers when pushed on the issue.

Selenium pollution in waters near phosphate mines in SE Idaho has been blamed for hundreds of livestock deaths.

The concern over the trout is not only the current deformities being found, but by in-migrating trout that will take over habitat that was once occupied by non-reproductive, selenium poisoned trout.  If selenium is to blame, but its pollution isn't strictly regulated, a sink hole for trout could be created.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide has the fuller story here.

~ J. Bunch

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